How to order 12 LipSense Collections (colour, gloss, remover) but only pay for 7!


LipSense is a liquid lip colour that doesn’t smudge or smear for 4-14 hours. It is made by a US company called SeneGence, and is just taking off here in Australia.

Did you know they will let you open an account just to buy LipSense for yourself at wholesale prices (and any of their other budge-proof makeup)? You do not have to sell to others, you do not have to meet monthly minimums, you do not have to hit any targets.

To sign up as a distributor you only need your driver’s licence number (no ABN needed unless you want to sign up as a business) and have your credit card ready to pay for your new distributor info kit ($55 plus $10 shipping). And you can start ordering LipSense and other products, from 20-50% off, as soon as you get the Welcome email, and they will be delivered direct to you from their Gold Coast warehouse.

You will get 40% off each time you place an order for 300pv or more. Ordering 12 LipSense Collections ($74 per Collection) would be 330pv which would instantly give you a 40% discount, so you would only actually have to pay for 7. Bargain!

(My Tip: get your family, friends, and neighbours to buy from you and you will effectively get yours for free.)

Get more info then join straight away by clicking => here (if that link isn’t working please use this one here and use my ID 201321 after selecting your country, then select Individual and ‘no’ for both ABN and GST, unless you are already a business and want to add SeneGence products to your store).

Please contact me if you have any problems signing up or have any other questions. I’ll be proud to have you on my team!

Take care
Kristy ♥ MyBeautySense
Dist ID: 201321