What is LipSense?

14hoursLipSense is a liquid lip colour this is better than the average lipstick because it bonds to your lips. Because of this bonding, it makes it nearly impossible for LipSense to smudge or smear like other lipsticks. It can last from 4 to 14 hours if you apply the gloss over the top before you eat or drink.

To apply LipSense you need to do three layers of the colour (you can also mix colours) then coat the colour with one of the glosses. The gloss helps to protect the colour and also keep your lips nice and moist. There are approximately 80 different colours in the LipSense range, along with quite a few different types and tints of gloss.

When you decide to try LipSense you should buy yourself a starter collection, which includes a colour, a gloss, and the remover. Once you have a starter collection and have practised applying the LipSense, you can then buy as any different colours as you like.

Click here to browse our range of colours that come in the starter collection => COLOURS

If you would prefer to buy LipSense at wholesale prices you can signup as a distributor and just buy for yourself (you only need your driver’s licence number to signup as a personal user). Depending on your order size you will be able to purchase all of the LipSense products at 20-50% off retail. More info here!

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